Why should you equip
yourself with a telemedicine service?

Médecins partenaires Tessan

The declining number of prescribers in the region along with the retirement of doctors who are often not replaced can lead to a decrease in the pharmaceutical industry.
Having a teleconsultation solution in pharmacy allows your patients to speak with several doctors in partnership with Tessan and registered in CNOM.

Déserts médicaux

There is a disparity of access to primary health care in the territory. Having a teleconsultation solution in pharmacy, is offering an access to proximity health care to your patients in your pharmacy.It is a real favor to your patients.

Cabine et borne Tessan

Nowadays, access to medical consultation in pharmacy is an axis of diversification of your activity and increase customers loyalty.
Rethink one’s pharmacy layout with an area dedicated to teleconsultation, with or without a privacy space thanks to the connected cabine or the kiosk..

Advantages of Tessan

Access to a doctor in 15 minutes

Walk-in teleconsultation 6 days a week

Receiveprescription (si nécessaire)

Partners feedbacks

Borne de la Pharmacie de Tilleul
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Blanc-Mesnil pharmacy | France

Head pharmacist

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Vaucresson Pharmacy | France

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Ascoux Pharmacy | France

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Pontlieue Pharmacy | France

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