The Team

Tessan's team supports you in your e-health projects through the deployment of telemedicine solutions.

Jordan Cohen​

Jordan Cohen


Directors Managers

Maxime Leneylé​

Maxime Leneylé

Chief Executive

Mathieu Fron​

Mathieu Fron


Laurent Goldstein​

Laurent Goldstein

Medical Director

Hugo Van Rooij​

Hugo Van Rooij

HR Manager

Justin Bollet​

Justin Bollet

Marketing Director

Pierre-Adrien Picard​

Pierre-Adrien Picard

Head of international development

Bertrand Hamy​

Bertrand Hamy

Chief operating officer

Our committee of specialists and experts

Marc Salomon​

Marc Salomon

Cardiovascular surgeon founder of anticipation santé

Jean-Marc Ancel​

Jean-Marc Ancel

Ophthalmic surgeon & academy’s member

Jean-David Zeitoun​

Jean-David Zeitoun

Gastroenterologist - Hepatologist