Tessan is above all, a company driven by technological, medical and societal innovation, aiming to fight against medical deserts.

Tessan offers connected medical cabins that can be set up in pharmacies, retirement homes, municipalities, and transport hubs.

Tessan aims to aggregate telemedicine actors to democratize and ease access to primary health care.


Pharma express becomes Tessan. 2019 marks the official launch of the first teleconsultation cabins on the French market.

The company organizes itself internally with the development of a sales team executive.
Today, Tessan has more than 30 employees, and aims to pursue expansion in French territory and throughout Europe.

Histoire de Tessan, environnement professionnel
Environnement professionnel de Tessan


De septembre 2018 à février 2019, Jordan s’entoure de Maxime Leneylé (actuel Directeur Général) et de Matthieu Fron (actuel CTO) autodidacte au parcours atypique (architecte technique, développeur full stack, lead dev).
Like every entrepreneur, the Tessan adventure began with the prototyping of the first connected medical cabin in an old wholesaler store of Aubervilliers.


Jordan started in the eHealth industry with Pharma express, creating two B2P (business to patients) mobile application: one provide a medication delivery service and the other one an electronic prescription service.
Difficult beginnings due to a particular situation:
The creation of a new product that needed to be evangelized in a niche market, the healthcare industry which was still seeking for digitization, and the short timing between need and demand.

Histoire de Tessan, environnement professionnel