Why should your pharmacy get ready for teleconsultation ?


Enforce your central role in the patients health care journey and enhance your key role in prevention and advice.


Optimize your pharmacy design and layout with a dedicated space for teleconsultation


Generate additional patient traffic and make your existing patient base even more loyal to your pharmacy.


Increase the number of dispensed prescriptions at your counter thanks to general or specialized consultations being held directly in your pharmacy.


Access to medical consultations in pharmacies is now an axis of diversification of your pharmacy activity, of loyalty of your patient population


Diversify your business with a high added-value innovation for your patients

Téléconsultation pharmacie : Financement & subventions

1225€ in the first year in order to get equipped
Then 350€ fixed the following years

A flat-rate contribution for the number of consultations provided:
- 200€ for 1 to 20 teleconsultations per year.
- 300€ for 21 to 30 annual teleconsultations
- 400€ for more than 30 teleconsultations per year
Upon declaration, this remuneration will be paid once a year.

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