Meet the Tessan team, humans committed to health care access enhancement through telemedicine, close to you.


Jordan Cohen

Jordan Cohen


Executive Management

Maxime Leneylé

General Manager

Mathieu Fron

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Laurent Goldstein

Head of Medical

Jean-Philippe Lorinquer

Jean-Philippe Lorinquer

Head of Sales

Hugo Van Rooij

Hugo Van Rooij

Head of HR

Justin Bollet

Justin Bollet

Chief Marketing Officer

Pierre-Adrien Picard

Pierre-Adrien Picard

Head of International Development

Julien Levavasseur

Chief Operations Officer

Our board of experts

Marc Salomon

Dr. Marc Salomon

Cardio-vascular surgeon, founder of Anticipation Santé

Dr. Jean-Marc Ancel

Ophtalmologist and surgeon, member of the Academy

Dr. Jean-Marc Coursier

Pneumologist, Head of medical and patients relationships

Jean-David Zeitoun

Dr. Jean-David Zeitoun

Gasto-enterologist, hepatologist, consulting partner