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Tessan offers you sessions of teleconsultation in general and specialized medicine in addition to your activities in office or health centers.

Cabine et borne Tessan

Tessan goes beyond a simple teleconsultation through videoconferencing, it offers 7 medical devices integrated in the cabine or kiosk (dermatoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, thermometer, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, scale), allowing you to perform a medical diagnosis and prescribe a prescription (if necessary) which will be printed directly in the cabin or on the kiosk.

Our platform has been ergonomically designed to facilitate the use of connected devices, perform a medical check-up and generate a prescription.

Tessan suits your needs by offering
teleconsultation sessions

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Cost-free access to the platform

Training by our teams

Appealing compensation

100% secured communications

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Teleconsultation at Tessan

Access to the platform

Logging into the teleconsultation platform is done in a few clicks with a high level of security. (unique code sent by text messages for each connection).

The virtual waiting room allows you to manage your patients in a single click.

Connexion à la plateforme

Teleconsultation and connected medical devices

Turn on the devices with one click, monitor the health signals and ensure the good handling of the devices with our integrated HD cameras.

You follow every step of the process to ensure a good diagnosis.

The teleconsultation is done !

Once the examination is done, you fill-in a consultation report and, if needed, you are able to provide with an e-prescription which is printed in the cabin or kiosk straight away.

Salle d'attente de la plateforme