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Marketing and communication in pharmacies are sometimes very difficult to tackle. How to clearly communicate solutions provided by your pharmacy?

Une étude au sujet des comportements des français post Covid montrant que l’image que les français portent sur leurs pharmaciens se serait amélioré.

Who are our patients? Why do they come to teleconsult? And what are their needs?

What are our medical solutions? How does it work?

Interview with doctor Fatcher concerning telemedicine and the health crisis.

Symptoms and pathologies treated by teleconsultation in pharmacies, focus on Covid-19 and interview of…

Interview with doctor Azoulay concerning telemedicine and the health crisis.

Interview with doctor Laurent Goldstein, medical director of Tessan. In response to coronavirus, teleconsulta...

Tessan's latest key figures on teleconsultation.

Tessan is a patients-approved solution. Here are the key numbers.