Tessan is first and foremost a company driven by technological, medical and societal innovation, driven by a key objective: fighting medical deserts. Tessan offers connected medical stations that can be installed in pharmacies, nursing homes, town halls , transport hubs. Tessan provides augmented telemedicine, close to the patient. and eases access to primary care and aims at bringing together the actors of telemedicine to democratize access to care.


Pharma Express becomes TESSAN

The first Tessan telemedicine station was officially launched in April 2019 on the French market. An internal sales force is recruited to ensure end-to-end service to Tessan’s clients.

Today, Tessan employs more than thirty people, continues the roll-out of its solutions on the French market and prepares its international expansion.

Histoire de Tessan, environnement professionnel


From September 2018 to February 2019

Jordan is joined by pharmacist Maxime Leneylé (CEO) and Matthieu Fron (CTO), a self-taught engineer with an atypical background (technical architect, full stack developer, lead dev).
Just like some well-known successful tech startups,Tessan journey began in a former wholesale store in Aubervilliers (Paris suburb) with the development of the first Tessan connected medical station prototype..

Histoire de Tessan, environnement professionnel


Jordan entered the eHealth industry with Pharma Express,

a drug home-delivery service and e-prescription solution, and the development of two B2P (business to patient) applications.
The company beginnings were tough, the drug home-delivery market being in its early stage in France and customers' awareness about this innovative delivery model had barely started to raise.